MayDay Convention 2016

Saturday May 7th, 2016 in Edmonton, AB


Silent Auction

One of the big events held at MayDay Edmonton is the silent auction. The auction will follow the same format as previous years, combining our 100% proceeds to EWG donations silent auction with a silent auction where folks can bring their goods to sell. The EWG will change a non-refundable flat fee of $2 per lot, payable at submission. All bids will be in increments of $1.00 and all winners must pay in cash at the conclusion of the auction.

Please minimize the number of lots by grouping items together. We do not want to have 100 auctions of a single miniature! There is a maximum of 5 lots per person and the organiser reserves the right to refuse lots due to space availability. Inappropriate items may also be refused at the sole discretion of the auction organiser.

Please note: You must pay the registration fee or general admission in order to place a lot in the auction or bid in the auction.

Forms will be available at the convention. Please ensure that the forms are read & understood & that all info is entered correctly.

We will also be collecting items people wish to donate to the club. These will be sold at the auction to raise funds to help keep the club running throughout the year.

Thanks and good luck with the auctions!

Important note:

All items are offered at the auction at the sellers risk. The EWG assumes no responsibility for items that are lost or damaged.